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Professional Setup and Installation of Video & Audio Equipment (Speakers, TVs, DVD Players, Digital Media Players & More) in Orange County

For exceptional video and audio services at a cost-effective price in Orange County, call LeeTronics. We do everything from basic television and sound system hookups to whole-house A/V solutions. We have more than 20 years of experience and a reputation among our thousands of satisfied clients for offering superior work at a fair price.

Home Audio/Video

LeeTronics specializes in comprehensive home video and audio services. We can setup video and audio systems in any indoor or outdoor space and have it perform flawlessly. Our expertise includes personalized product recommendations; TV mounting and installation; audio performance optimization from new or existing sound systems; new component integration; hidden and integrated wiring solutions; and audio/visual troubleshooting, service and repair. We can also help with selecting, installing and programming sophisticated A/V upgrades, such as in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, universal remotes, and more.

Commercial Audio/Video

Additionally, LeeTronics is readily available to assist Orange County commercial clients with all of their video and audio needs. Our manufacturer trained and authorized technicians frequently sell, install, service and repair audio and video equipment for a wide variety of commercial applications, from setting up PA systems in school rooms and auditoriums to installing high-quality sound systems in board rooms.

Orange County Professional Internet & Wi-Fi Integration

Internet Integration

If you wish to optimize video and audio performance, we recommend professional internet integration. Proper internet and Wi-Fi integration is critical to enjoying stronger, clearer audio, video and internet connections throughout your home or business with fewer buffering and connection problems. At LeeTronics, we'll take the time to fully evaluate your cabling and configure it with high-quality coaxial and Cat 5 cabling, connectors, splitters and extenders to support your current and future needs. You'll enjoy faster connection speeds and the ability to support data-heavy features such as HD (high definition) streaming, second screen interactivity such as Apple TV, and apps like Netflix, Roku and Pandora.

Like with most technical equipment, talking to someone with experience can save you time and money. Call LeeTronics today to discuss your commercial or home audio-video goals, budget and schedule. We offer free onsite needs assessments and estimates to customers throughout the Orange County area.



Great service. I asked Lee to install my HomeAudio system and two outdoor speaker. He is very nice and gave me a fare quote. I also bought a central channel speaker from him $50 less than online price. He helped me to choose a good amplifier receiver and I highly recommend him to any one needs electronic installation service.

Mahboubeh H., Yorba Linda, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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I have been using Lee for my home audio, visual and security needs for over 15 years and three houses

Lee provides top notch service and quality with reasonable prices.

James K., Corona, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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